7 Career Options for Those Studying Animation, Game and Graphic Design

Animation, game and graphic design are closely related subjects and there are huge prospects in these fields. After completing your degree programs in any of these subjects, you will have lots of career options and these are discussed here.


An animator creates moving images. To become a good animator, you need to develop creative concepts, learn how to draw and build models. Animators use computer-generated imagery for their work. An animator has to do everything from the concept development, storytelling to drawing.

You also need to use software like Flash, 3ds Max, and others to produce the final output. You can get a job at a marketing agency, a film studio, a television studio, and other places.

Game developer

To become a game developer, you need to have a great passion for games, be good in software development and have good technical knowledge. Being a game developer, you can join gaming companieswho create games for PCs, tablets, mobiles or social media platforms.

This profession requires you to stay updated with the latest trends in gaming and come up with unique game concepts.

You should learn different languages and software to create online casino games and others. You can eventually create games for Lucky Nugget Freespins, for example.

Graphic designer

As a graphic designer, you can work at advertising agencies, marketing companies, web development companies, and other places. You can work on posters, magazines, logos, product packaging, and many other things. You have to create and learn different software to create graphics for different purposes.

Web designer

You can become a web designer if you have a degree in graphic design. There is a lot of demand for web designers and most businesses have a website. You can join a web development company as a web designer.

VFX artist

As a VFX artist, you can work in film studios. You can create a computer-generated crowd, stunts and other effects. One of the key aspects of this job is that you need to make the audiences believe what they are seeing.

You can create fire and wave effects, fairy tale castles, and other dramatic things. You can get a job at game development companies as well because special effects are used in games too.


Being an illustrator, you will be able to express your creativity and communicate using images and pictures. You can get a good job at an advertising agency, packaging companies or work for newspapers and magazines.

Concept artist

Whether it’s an animation film or a game, you need to develop a plot and then some characters. As a concept artist, you will be creating those characters, houses, environment and everything in a film or game. Others will give life to your sketches and ideas so that they look realistic on-screen.

There are different career options if you have studied animation, game or graphic design. There are opportunities to earn a lot of money too.

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