nmtc About - AboutWelcome to New Media Technology College. Here you will get helpful tips on choosing a career. Before choosing a college or university after high school, we should first decide on which subject we want to study.

The decision depends partly on our preference and partly on the condition of the job market because ultimately, we aim to earn money for a good living.

Most people choose common and high demanding subjects like medicine, engineering, business, and others. But there are some great fine arts subjects like painting, photography, performing arts, graphic design and even journalism that you can choose.

Unlike in the past, today there is a high demand for these unconventional subjects and people are doing good in their careers as well. Photography, graphic design, game development, animation, and journalism are popular professions now due to the high market demand.

In this magazine, you will learn about various colleges and courses that have these subjects and know how to get enrolled and what career prospects you may have. Here you will read interviews of people who have been successful in these fields.

You will learn from their journey which will help you to become established in your chosen field as well. If you are trying to get into a college then you will find this magazine very resourceful.